05 Reasons You Should Drink Matcha Green Tea Every Morning

As you know, Matcha Green Tea has been seen as “panacea” for health and beauty for a long time. Matcha owns many benefits that you can apply to your life. The following information is about “05 Reasons You Should Drink Matcha Green Tea Every Morning”. We hope that can be useful for you before deciding to choose matcha as a new drink for your family. Let’s start with us – Sieu Thi Thien Nhien. 

Match Green Tea
Match Green Tea

Boost your brainpower

Many studies have shown that catechins at green tea may help prevent the accumulation of amyloid and protein. These are two of the processes that happen in Alzheimer’s disease. And that leads to decline your memory and cognitive function. Studies have also shown that L-theanine, the amino acids are found in matcha is beneficial for memory and cognitive function as we were ageing. 

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Promoting metabolism and weight loss

one study, 35 obese male and female are divided into two groups. The results showed that those who drank four glasses of green tea a day for two months lost significantly more weight than those who do not use it. In another test, with 10 male are drinking matcha in every morning, they could burn more 4% calories than others. These studies have indicated that green tea is particularly useful for supporting metabolism and weight management in several ways: burned more calories, increased oxidation of fat, decreased autoclaving absorbs fat and even reduced appetite.

Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea

High in antioxidants

One of the biggest benefits for the health of matcha is that it contains antioxidants, including a flavonol called catechins, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Catechins had been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties. A study was carried out at the University of Colorado, USA showed that EGCG catechins contained in a matcha cup could be 100 times larger than green tea, black tea or other common tea.

Relieving stress and anxiety

We have a lot of stress and anxiety in daily life. When tired or dehydrated, many people choose coffee to provide energy to their body. However, high doses of caffeine and other stimulants found in coffee can increase stress and restlessness. This is a vicious circle. A matcha green tea would probably be better because matcha contains some caffeine, but less than in coffee. However, the main reason is tea contains L – theanine which is a substance that relaxes the mind, reduces anxiety, helps focus and does not cause sleepiness. So instead of drinking coffee in the morning, try a matcha cup, you will feel more alert.

Matcha Tea Good For Your Health
Matcha Tea Good For Your Health


In one study, with 60 women aged from 40 to 65, half of the women drink matcha green tea every day and the other do not for 12 weeks. The results showed that women who drank green tea had a 25% lower reddening of their skin in response to a dose of ultraviolet radiation after 12 weeks when compared with other the group.  This shows that the active ingredients in green tea affect and protect the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight. In addition, women who drink green tea have improved their skin elasticity and reduced the depth and width of the skin pigmentation.

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